Welcome to where I best manifest my flare for drama through baked goods. I'm Jenna and I love excessively thinking about things and being sure of none of them. I'm currently in the process of redefining my relationship with food in relation to service and restaurants, while still seeking avenues to share my passion for creating with those around me.

For as long as I can remember, I've found allure and solace in transforming ingredients into sweet works of art; pieces that evoke emotion either simply, alongside a cup of coffee or with grandeur, in celebration of one of life's great milestones, perhaps to be enjoyed in solitude or alongside loved ones. My inspiration is drawn from all directions. Ingredients in their natural form, the profile of a dish that I ate once and I never stopped dreaming of, someone's fondly-told story of that thing their mother used to make. Putting the inspiration to work is a joy in itself, and sharing it with others is even more so.​

I adopted the title of The Existential Baker after years of baking my way though infinite unanswered questions and wonderment, and am now using this as my platform to conduct popups, in between which I will also continue to accept orders for custom cakes and pastries. I am still without answers, but deeply appreciate the honour of being able to bring sweetness into the lives of others. Thank you for your trust and interest.


With love,