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I'm Jenna, otherwise known as The Existential Baker. Based in Toronto, ON, I have always been moved by the vastness of possibilities that exist in this lifetime, and the undulation of the emotions and experiences within that. In sorting through the wide open space, I've learned to use dessert as a medium to celebrate our being here; to share joy with one another, to dance along with the highs and lows, to settle into a moment with a mouthful of cake and just pause.

In my graduation from punching out cookies by mom's side, to baking for fundraisers in high school, to cooking as a commis in an international culinary competition, to being a line cook, and then creating as a pastry chef, I realized at some point that I needed to plan my departure from restaurants to preserve my relationship with food. So, now that I've done that, thanks for being here as I learn to rearrange all the pieces of the next chapter; it'll be sweet, a little savoury, and full of tasting and learning.






More than just a stack of cake and frosting, each creation is unique a reflection of local seasonality, personality, and the mood that strikes. I specialise in one-of-a-kind, buttercream frosted, organic aesthetics finished with natural elements such as fruit, vegetables or flora, and strive to avoid cloying sweetness in my work.


  • Read through flavours below, then head over to the order page to choose size, date + time for pickup and flavour. Available flavours will rotate based on seasonality.

  • Until further notice, all orders will be for pick up only in the St. Lawrence Market area.

  • CREATIVE PROCESS: All cakes are decorated at whim, inspired by nature and the ingredients at play! I am happy to be inspired by the vibe of your event, but please place your trust in my hands and let me do my best work organically :) 

  • Custom flavours and sizes are available via this form!


The shop is currently closed for fixed-menu goods. Please fill out the inquiry form below to chat about custom bakes <3


This refers to anything else you might not see listed above. If you're searching for something specific, or have a budget you're working within, I'm always open to bringing a vision to life. Please fill out this form to start a conversation! 

Strawberry Buttercream Cake


Can you accommodate dietary restrictions?


My answer will depend on the severity of the restrictions as I do use common allergens in my space. Please fill out this form and we can discuss your options!

Is there anything you won't make?

Though I won't elaborate, I will not use fondant, make macarons, or red velvet cake. 

Do you deliver?


Not at this time! Pickups will take place in the St. Lawrence Market area in Toronto (exact location will be given upon order completion).

How far in advance can I order?


Dates are available 30 days out on a rolling basis. If a date cannot be selected upon checkout, it is unavailable. A minimum of 4 days notice is required.

How do I care for my cake?


Cakes should be stored in the fridge until ~2 hours before serving. Flowers should be removed before eating, and leftovers should be wrapped and stored in the fridge.


Please reach out if you are interested a custom cake or bake, a larger order, or if you would like to ask about dietary restrictions.

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